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No Leopard Hunting Quota in South Africa for 2017
Warning to Hunters Flying to Mexico on American Airlines/American Eagle
Act Now If You Want A Quebec Caribou Hunt!
Quebec to Ban Sport Hunting of Caribou in 2018
Warning: Trump Sons Not Involved in “The Opening Day” Fundraiser Event for Sportsmen
Alaska Doubles Tag Fees for 2017: Buy NOW Before Increase Goes into Effect
How to Protect Your Privacy Against Humane Society International's FOIA
Potential Problem for Hunters Flying with Plastic Guns Cases
USFWS Decides on Importation of Lion Trophies from South Africa
Conservation Research Fund Spearheads Research on South African Leopard
Romania Bans Bear and other Predator Hunting
Act Quickly For A Shot At These Raffle Hunts
Victory Over Anti-Hunters! New Jersey Law Voided
Personal Information on Hunters Hacked in Three Western States
Mozambique Hunting Camp Target of Armed Robbery Attempt
Hunting Security Updates: More Riots in Zimbabwe, Also in Ethiopia
Update on Tanzania Firearm Regulations
Hunters Entering Zimbabwe Must Declare Cash or Risk Seizure
Zimbabwe Bound Hunters Beware Currency Shortages and Riots
Tanzania-Bound Hunters Hit With Surprise 18% Value-Added Tax
Alert! Potential Problem for Hunters Carrying Firearms through Frankfurt
Drought in South Africa Affecting Safaris
Conservation Force and Partners Appeal Dismissal of Suit Against Delta Air Lines
Conservation Force and partners sue New Jersey to enjoin “Big Four” hunting trophy ban
Apply Now for these Limited Bird Permits in Utah
Act Now! More Markhor Permits Available in Tajikistan for 2016/2017
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Deadly Encounters by Craig Boddington

By Craig Boddington

2015 Long Beach, 308pp, color photos, 6x9, hardcover

Volume 42 in the Safari Press's Classics in Big-Game Hunting Series
Limited edition of 1,000 numbered, signed, & slipcased copies
ISBN: 978-1-57157-444-2

Incidents of hunters, trackers, PHs, and innocen.......

Hunting the Spiral Horns: Sitatunga - The Sly, Shy, Secretive One - Standard Edition

Hunting the Spiral Horns: Sitatunga - The Sly, Shy, Secretive One

Edited by Peter Flack

Hardcover with dust jacket
368 pages, 471 color and 36 black and white photographs 
Published by: Peter Flack Productions, 2.......

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In The January Issue of The Hunting Report Newsletter
Africa: USFWS Keeps Hunters in Suspense over Lion and Elephant Permits As Show Season Arrives
As this issue went to press, a spokesperson for US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) told The Hunting Report that there was no additional information regarding those import permits now required for lion and elephant (see Articles 3774 and 3815)....
Africa: First-Hand Look at a USFWS Approved Lion Property in South Africa
Going back to the lion issue, I personally visited one of the South African properties approved to import its wild-managed lions into the US by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Kalahari Oryx Private Game Reserve has a population of about 25 lions that freely roam a 74,000-acre section of this 212,000-acre operation. Large populations of plains game roam throughout the property as well....
In the Publisher's Sights: For Trade: Hunt Reports for Free Months of The Hunting Report Newsletter
If there's one thing we know after 35 years in publication, it's that subscriber-written hunt reports are the heart and soul of The Hunting Report: One hunter telling another about his experience with a certain outfitter, PH or hunting area. What worked, what went as planned, what didn't. That's the gold standard for hunting information....
Congo: More about That New Congo Operation, Plus a New Agency
Last month we told you about a new Congo-Brazzaville operation, Congo Hunting Safaris, operated by Christophe Morio with concession holder Jean-Luc Damy. Shortly after the December issue hit mailboxes with that story, we heard from booking agent Cyrus Khodaï, who tells us he is working directly with Morio to market this new hunting area and operation....
Mozambique: Hippo Study Needed for CITES Quota Canceled Indefinitely
Hippo from Mozambique remain unexportable for the time being. That's because the CITES-required survey of the country's hippo populations was cancelled due to civil unrest in the central provinces. The study would have provided CITES with the necessary information to issue an export quota for hippo....
Zambia: A Birthday Leopard Hunt in West Petauke GMA
With elephant and lion imports uncertain, leopard took over as the prime species in Zambia during the 2016 hunting season. Our Zambia leopard report this month comes from subscriber L. Smrkovski, who hunted West Petauke GMA with Mopane Safaris Ltd. in August. Smrkovski also took puku, hyena and Chobe bushbuck on his 14-day safari with PH Peter Chipman....
South Africa: 2016 PHASA Convention and AGM Puts Focus on Conservation
I attended the 39th Convention and Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa (PHASA) on November 21-23, 2016. Members addressed several issues important to hunting in South Africa, including how to create effective antipoaching programs to protect species like rhino and elephant; new research and conservation efforts to support leopard; developments that impact the South African hunting industry; and, of course, the captive lion hunting issue....
Namibia: Leopard Conservation Addressed at NAPHA's Annual Meeting
The status and future of large predators came to the forefront at the 43rd Annual General Meeting of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) held November 30, 2016, in Windhoek, which I also attended. Among the presenters was the Large Carnivore Management Association of Namibia (LCMAN), which has created the Carnivore Tracker App (, similar to Cat Spotter ( in South Africa....
Zimbabwe: Lion Hunting in Save Valley Conservancy

Subscriber G. Raba with a big kudu from Zimbabwe.

Subscriber G. Raba recently sent us a report (10718) on a full-bag August 2015 safari in Zimbabwe with PH Jonathan Hulme in the Sango area of the Save Valley Conservancy. Raba took mature lion and leopard as well as Livingstone eland, kudu and other plains game. He imported his lion without issue before the USFWS permitting requirement went into effect in 2016....
Quebec: Is an Anticosti Deer Hunt Right for You?

Justin Jones and a representative Anticosti buck.

Editor's Note: Editor Tim Jones hunted on Anticosti Island four times more than 25 years ago. Back then, you could hardly open a hunting magazine or watch a TV sports show without seeing a story about the "big bucks of Anticosti." Many of these stories implied that there was a trophy buck behind every tree. Although the island maintains a huge deer population (estimated around 160,000) and regularly produces some very handsome racks, Anticosti simply does not offer B&C book trophies. Recognizing this, SCI created a special category for Anticosti whitetails. The current #1 scores 146 5/8, and SCI gold starts at 94 7/8. There are only 44 entries in the category....
Europe: These Hunting/Touring Combo Trips to Italy and Croatia Are Great Spouse Payback Trips

J. Kenny and his wife with trophies from their recent Italy hunt.

Editor's Note: This month we have reports on fall hunts in Italy and Croatia from subscribers J. Kenny and S. Mauney. Kenny and his wife hunted red stag and chamois in northern Italy with World Hunting Society, booking their hunt through Worldwide Trophy Adventures (; 435-656-0205). Mauney hunted mouflon in Croatia with Alectoris Hunting (; +011-38-599-472-8000), accompanied by his wife. These are our first subscriber reports on both outfitters. Both Kenny and Mauney combined their hunts with historical and cultural in-country tours and rate their experiences as excellent. Enjoy!
See You at the Shows
The Hunting Report's publisher and editor-in-chief Barbara Crown and assistant editor Justin Jones will both be attending the Dallas Safari Club Adventure Convention and Sporting Expo, January 5-8, 2016, at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. Come see us at booth A16....
Do Your Homework and Score the Auction Hunt of a Lifetime
Just as January brings a new hunt application season, it also brings a new hunt convention season. And that means literally hundreds of hunts offered at auction. Most organizations are diligent in vetting the donor outfitters and the hunts being offered, and most of those hunts go off without a hitch. Some result in bad experiences; not every hunt is for every hunter. Caveat emptor applies to auction hunts regardless of the bargain it might represent. It's no bargain if it isn't really what you wanted, if it's beyond your personal abilities, or if you have a personality clash with the outfitter. We strongly urge you to do your due diligence on any hunt you are considering long before you order that first pre-auction drink at the banquet....
Briefly Noted: New CWD Test Is Still Unproven
With chronic wasting disease (CWD) affecting more states, the push is on to develop a simple field test to detect the disease and help prevent its spread. Unfortunately, it appears we may have to wait a little longer for a reliable product....
Briefly Noted: Stansbury Mountain Sheep Die-off Impacts Draw Tags
Heads-up if you are applying for a sheep permit in Utah this year. An almost complete die-off of California bighorn sheep in the Stansbury Mountains of Utah has put hunting in that unit in question for the foreseeable future. The Stansbury Mountain unit is in north-central Utah, to the south and west of Great Salt Lake. You can see a map here....
Briefly Noted: Rowland Ward Joins Sports Afield, Safari Press Group; Unveils Endorsed Outfitter Program
Remember Rowland Ward? The organization published high-end African hunting books and maintained Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game, first published in 1892 and known for its high-some would say stringent-requirements and minimums for listed trophies....
Briefly Noted: Safari Operator Arrested for Illegal Hunting in Zimbabwe
Headman Sibanda of Nyala Safaris (Pvt) Ltd in Zimbabwe was arrested in October for allegedly hunting roan without a permit. Roan has special protected status in Zimbabwe, with no hunting permits issued for this antelope. Zimbabwe's roan are carefully monitored by wildlife authorities, with most living in Hwange National Park. Sibanda is awaiting trial and if convicted faces a maximum sentence of nine years in prison....
Briefly Noted: Savvy Strategies When You Can't Use a Draw Tag
Editor's note: Thousands of hunters apply for public draw permits each year. Inevitably, some of those tags can't be used. Editor-at-large Mike Bodenchuk shares his strategies for avoiding timing conflicts and for dealing with them if they arise....
Briefly Noted: SCI Expands Game Birds of the World Program
Back in July (Article 3826) we informed you about the new Safari Club International (SCI) Game Birds of the World awards program. Many members are avid wingshooters, and SCI initiated a program to recognize significant accomplishments in the world of bird shooting....
Briefly Noted: Alaska Doubles Tag Fees for 2017
The cost of Alaska nonresident hunting licenses and tags went up substantially on January 1, 2017. Email Extra subscribers were alerted to this increase in time to purchase their 2017 licenses and tags at 2016 prices....
Outfitter Critique: New Free-Range Alpine Ibex taken in Switzerland

H. McNatt (left) took a world record free-range Alpine ibex with guide Simon Camastral (right).

Congratulations are in order for subscriber H. McNatt III, who took what is likely the new world record free-range Alpine ibex during a November hunt in Switzerland's canton of Valais with guide Simon Camastral. Agent and hunting operator Martin Neuper of FN Hunting (; +011-43-664-133-4870) arranged his hunt....
Outfitter Critique: A Challenging Combo Management Hunt at Vermejo Park

A Vermejo Park management mulie.

If you are looking for an exciting and affordable combination elk and mule deer hunt, subscriber M. Richards tells us he found exactly that at Vermejo Park Ranch in New Mexico this past October (Report 10712). Instead of hunting for a trophy bull and buck, which ups the price considerably, Richards signed up for a "management" hunt, taking an older bull elk and a heavy 3x3 mule deer buck....
Controversy: Crowded Bear Camp in Alaska
Subscriber G. Morris (Report 10733) is unhappy with a brown bear hunt in Alaska handled for him by Preston Cavner of Cavner & Julian. The hunt occurred in October 2015 and resulted in Morris shooting what he describes as "a small sow" after being told by guide Andy Hoheisel that it was a huge bear....
Controversy: Subscriber Disappointed by Yukon Combo Hunt
Subscriber J. Welles, himself a veteran of the outfitting business, tells us he's very disappointed with the services delivered by outfitters Alan and Logan Young of Midnight Sun Outfitting on a September grizzly bear/moose combo hunt in Yukon....
And Finally: Convention Hunt Options for Texas Exotic Sheep
Editor's note: If you are attending Dallas Safari Club or Houston Safari Club conventions and are looking for an inexpensive side hunt, Texas offers a host of opportunities for mouflon and hybrid sheep. Editorial Assistant Leigh Ann Bodenchuk has the details.
Information Please: Recommend a Moving Company to Handle Trophies
Subscriber J. Pollard hopes fellow subscribers can recommend a moving or shipping company that can handle hunting trophies with care....
Notice: Mailed Subscriber Renewal Payments Gone Astray
If you use your bank's bill-paying service, please verify that it has the correct address for your Hunting Report subscription renewals. We recently discovered that a number of Hunting Report subscriber renewal payments using bill-paying services have been sent to The Angling Report in Maryland. That former sister publication was sold and is no longer associated with The Hunting Report. The correct address for all payments and correspondence is: The Hunting Report, 12182 SW 128 Street, Miami, FL 33186. To verify that your subscription is current, please call us at 305-253-5301.
Important Deadlines
Here are the important permitting developments to watch for this month in the US. Compiled by Mike Bodenchuk, Editor-at-Large
More Reports
These reports have been added to our database and are instantly accessible to all Email Extra subscribers. Copies are available for all other subscribers. See page 2 for ordering details.
Conservation Force: FWS Makes Finding on Antis' Petition to Up-List All African Leopard to Endangered
On November 29, the FWS issued a press release announcing a 90-day finding that further action may be warranted on a petition to up-list all African leopard (panthera pardus) to "endangered" under the ESA. Currently, leopard from Northern and Western Africa are listed as endangered but those from Southern, Eastern, and parts of Central Africa are listed as threatened.
Conservation Force: National Geographic Portrays Lions as Savage Beasts
The perception of African lion by some media and some of the public has become an obstacle to its management and survival. Since the Cecil storm, even some lion scientists have tried to commercially capitalize on the growing misperception that wild African lions are much like our pets or fictional Disney Lion Kings.
Conservation Force: Conservation Force Presents to State Legislators on Unlawful State Trophy Bans
From November 30 to December 3, legislators from 30 states met in Biloxi, Mississippi for the 13th National Assembly of Sportsmen's Caucuses Sportsman-Legislator Summit. This annual event brings together members of state sportsmen's caucuses, along with industry leaders and representatives from sportsmen's organizations, to share knowledge and discuss hunting, angling, resource access, and other conservation-related issues.
Conservation Force: Convention on Biodiversity CoP 13
Conservation Force has just attended the Convention on Biodiversity. President John Jackson and Board Member Shane Mahoney participated with many friends of the hunting community, including Namibia. Here's what Namibia released during the CBD CoP in an article published by the Namibia Economist on December 5.
Conservation Force: Safari Hunting Brings Benefits: Opposing View
Before the African lion was listed as Threatened, the media hammered me for my opinion on the consequences of it being listed. Now that 45 concessions in Tanzania have folded, the Tanzanian wildlife department's revenue has fallen from $16 million to $6 million, and nearly 70,000 square kilometers of lion habit in Tanzania are being converted to uses that are unbeneficial to wildlife, and much more, this is my "I told you so!" Following is what I wrote for USA Today and was published in their August 4, 2015 issue. It has all come to pass or is in the processing of occurring.
Conservation Force: PHASA Presents Coenraad Vermaak Award to President of Conservation Force
The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) presented John J. Jackson, III its Coenraad Vermaak Distinguised Service Award at its AGM in November, 2016.

What Awaits Wildlife in Mozambique without Hunters
Barbara Crown, Without the anti-poaching funded by hunters, wildlife in remote areas faces a gauntlet of traps.
Read Post »
See Barbara's weekly video interview on
The American Trigger Sports Network

Hunting Down Under
Greg Morton, A good picture is worth a 1,000 words so here is the equivalent of 3,000 words from Northern Territory, Australia. Profile article to follow.
Read Post »

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Security Update: Ethiopia Declares State of Emergency
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Conservation Force Wins Case Against New Jersey Trophy Ban!
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Security Update: Continuing Riots in Zimbabwe
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Zimbabwe Security Update: Riots Break Out Over Currency Shortage

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Great African Trophies by Diana Rupp

2016 Long Beach, 254pp, color photos, 10x10.5, hardcover
This is volume 82 in the Safari Press’s Classics in African Hunting Series.
Ltd. edn. of 500 numbered, signed, & slipcased copies.
ISBN: 978-1-57157-418-3

Great African Trophies is a photographic showcase of some of the greatest game trophi.......

Hunting The Spiral Horns: Bongo & Nyala - The Elite African Trophies by Peter Flack (Limited Edition)

Hardcover with dust jacket
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Hunting the Spiral Horns - Bongo & Nyala - The Elite African Trophies<.......

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Hardcover with dust jacket
432 pages, 642 color and 37 black and white photos
Published by Peter Flack Productions, 2016

Hunting the Spiral Horns - Bongo & Nyala - The Elite African Trophies, edited by Peter Flack, is the fifth and final book in a five book series covering all 30 spiral horn species and subspecies (r.......

CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World By Gerhard R Damm and Nicolás Franco (Collector's Edition)

Two Volume Set
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Joint Published by CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and Rowland Ward Publishers

The meticulously researched CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World presents an overview on the distribution and ranges of the world's w.......

CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World By Gerhard R Damm and Nicolás Franco (Standard Edition)

Two Volume Set
Hardcover with dust jacket
1,104 pages, more than 1,000 color photographs
Joint Published by CIC International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation and Rowland Ward Publishers

The meticulously researched CIC Caprinae Atlas of the World presents an overview on the distribution and ranges of the world's w.......

Wind, Dust and Snow II: Hunting Sheep, Markhor, Tur and Ibex in Asia by Robert Anderson

Hunting Sheep, Markhor, Tur, and Ibex in Asia
by Robert Anderson

2015 Long Beach, 283pp, photos in color and b&w, 10.5x10, hardcover, dust jacket
Volume 7 in the Safari Press's Classics in Hunting at High Altitudes Series
Standard edition
ISBN: 978-1-57157-419-0

Robert Anders.......

Africa's Greatest Tuskers by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

by Tony Sanchez-Ariño

2015 Long Beach, 308pp, color and B&W photos, 8.5x11, hardcover
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Waterbuck Hunting (471)
Wildebeest Hunting (665)
   Black Wildebeest
   Blue Wildebeest
Wolf Hunting (231)
Wolverine Hunting (45)
Yak Hunting (3)
Zebra Hunting (725)
   Burchell's Zebra